Can Sodablasting Strip a complete car?

We have stripped $100,000.00 cars, drive in and drive out with no problems.We use a special rubberized tape to seal all the door seams, trunk seams, hood seams and anywhere that can allow soda into the interior.In the engine compartment, we use a plastic bag to cover the intake and pack wool blankets (wool traps soda particles and stops their egression into protected area) around the engine and engine components for their protection. When we have completed the project we use high volume dry air pressure to blow down the car removing all signs of the soda. Once we remove the protection we do another blow down and detail out the interior in the event that any soda managed to get inside. When a car leaves our facility the only evidence that it has been soda blasted is that the paint has been removed. Understand that completing a car this way will leave a ½ inch painted area around anywhere that was protected with the protective tape. This will have to be removed by conventional methods.

You can see pictures on the photo page as an example.

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