Is SODABLASTING environmentally friendly?

YES, we use a FOOD GRADE baking soda which has a PH of 8.4. We use no solvents or strippers in the coating removal process.  The only protection gear needed for the process is a respirator which is used for protection from breathing the dust generated by the process and hearing protection for the noise.

Please check out the MSDS sheet under Natrium Soda Product section of our web site.  For outside work the 8.4 ph can damage plants or shrubbery, care has to be taken to protect any concerns.  As far as the coatings being removed proper precautions have to be observed if you are removing lead based products.  Normal paints not containing lead is considered inert material of no known hazard as long as the parts per million are under EPA guidelines. Unless you are completing a tremendous amount of work in one location you should never reach these levels.

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